Terms of Service - Questing

  • If you are an ironman and don't have the required items, teleports or enough energy potions, please contact our livechat to get a custom quote.
  • You will need to have all required stats, or any pre-quests completed for the quests that you order. You also need to have good enough combat stats for quests that require tanking or a boss kill. If you are not sure if your account has the required combat stats, please contact our livechat.
  • Do not log into your account during the service.
  • You will need to leave enough money on your account for us to buy supplies for the quests, including energy/stamina potions.
  • Your order will be completed in a short/reasonable amount of time. Our questers play for many hours a day, but sometimes when we have loads of orders it could take a bit longer.
  • We have 24 hours to start on your order before you are eligable for a refund. Often we start within one or a few hours, but due to circumstances it could take longer.
  • You will recieve an email when we start and when we finish your order.
  • Because all our services are 100% handdone, we are not responsible for any bans or mutes on your account.
  • We have the right to decline and refund any order.

Breaking any of our Terms of Service may result in us declinining and (partially) refunding your order!